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The JCCs as Gateways to Jewish Peoplehood

The JCCs as Gateways to Jewish Peoplehood / The Peoplehood Papers 20, October 2017. Editor: Shlomi Ravid.

In many respects JCCs are the embodiment of Jewish Peoplehood. By design they represent Jewish spaces that provided, for generations of Jews, a gateway to Jewish civilization and the Jewish people. As communal agents and engines of Jewish civilization they are also confronted by the current challenges facing the Jewish community and the need to operate in a changing environment and context. In this collection of essays, we set out to explore how JCCs approach and implement the role of being the gateway to Jewish Peoplehood.

Anthology for the Jewish Educator in Russian

Activi – Anthology for the Jewish Educator” – in Russian by JDC

Israel: The Vision and the Venture of the Jewish People, an educational kit (English)

A new educational tool box launched by the school for Jewish Peoplehood at Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv. The contents seek to inspire a sense of Jewish Peoplehood, nurture attachment to Israel and engage in shaping Jewish future. The World Confederation is a co-sponsor of this endeavor. For more information visit this site.

Lexicon of Terms

Lexicon of terms” contains multi-language equivalents of terms used in the field of JCC and community work. Its purpose is to make these terms and expressions mutually understood throughout the world. For the full Lexicon, please click here.

One Candle Lighting Another

A manual for the JCC Global/JDC Mentoring/Professional Exchange Project, “One Candle Lighting Another“, a project that teams experienced JCC Executive Directors with newly appointed JCC Executive Directors in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe for a period of two years in order to hone skills, develop program areas, encourage peer learning and exchange projects. Since 2003, close to 30 JCC Executive Directors from around the world have participated in the project.

Reader’s Guide: Jewish Community Centers in North America, January 2015 (English)

A new Reader’s Guide on Jewish Community Centers was published by the Berman Jewish Policy Archives (BJPA). Edited by Seth Chalmer with Steven M. Cohen and with a guest introduction by Rabbi Joy Levitt. For the full guide, click here.

Tastes of Jewish Tradition: Recipes, Activities & Stories for the Whole Family

A translation to Russian of the book “Tastes of Jewish Tradition: Recipes, Activities & Stories for the Whole Family“, a colorful, accessible guide offers readers a “taste” of 11 different Jewish holidays. There are crafts and activities, stories for families to read aloud, games to play and recipes both traditional (latkes) and contemporary (Oreo cheesecake).

Board Manual

A Board Manual written and published by JCC Association of North America and translated to Russian with permission by JCC Global and JDC FSU Department.

Handbook on anti-Semitism

A handbook on anti-Semitism that was produced and published by WUJS with the support of JDC and the Jewish Agency for Israel. Then translated into Russian. The source book is filled with updated information, ideas for programming and more.

Adult Jewish Learning at the JCC, a Compendium of 100 Replicable Programs from JCCs across North America

A translation to Russian of the booklet: “Adult Jewish Learning at the JCC, a Compendium of 100 Replicable Programs from JCCs across North America” is now available.

Reprinted with the permission of Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, 15 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010 © JCC Association, 2001, New York, NY and translated by the Department of Jewish Renewal in the FSU of the AJJDC, Moscow Office.

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