Sara Feder de Trumer, Second Vice President, CSCD HEBRAICA AC, Caracas, Venezuela

Sara Trumer - Venezuela

Sara was born in Lima, and completed her secondary school in Charlotte Country Day Schools in North Carolina, USA. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science from the “Moral and Lights School Herzl-Bialik”, in Caracas, Venezuela, and studied Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas.

She currently works as an independent in architecture and interior design of homes and commercial spaces offices at “Trumer and Fefer Architects”. In the past, she worked at IMITA factory and costume jeweler shops in design and graphic design. Until 2001 she worked in different companies of architecture, including: Mendoza, Dávila and Associates (1996 – 2001) as Head of commercial and housing projects, David Holder, Architect (95-6) as Assistant home remodeling projects, Pablo Lasala, Architect (94-95) as Assistant housing projects and Urban Planning Plan Parish Caricuao, and at Urbina, Peña Arquitectos (94) as Assistant in Urban Planning Plan La Vega Parish.

Sara currently serves as the second Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSCD Hebraica. She has been volunteering in CSCD Hebraica for many years – as the Volunteer Director of CSCD Hebraica Culture Department, and as a Volunteer Director in the area of infrastructure, in the swimming Parent Committee, as a General Secretary of the Board of Directors of Hebrew, and also collaborated in the design remodeling of Synagogue of the Union Israelita of Caracas.