JCC Global Newsletter | September, 2019



Join more than 200 JCC leaders from 20 countries at the 10th World Conference of JCC, December 10-12, 2019 in Jerusalem (and a pre 0 Assembly-by invitation)

With the goal of expanding and deepening the global network of JCCs as a resource for local JCCs, the intensive program promises to offer inspiring learning experiences and networking opportunities.

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Amitim2.0 Update– 5 Summer Delegations

During this past summer 5 (!) Amitim2.0 Global Projects culminated their two-year programs with exchange delegations crisscrossing the world:

  1. Teen Leadership- Teen delegation to Israel, June 23 – July 2, 2019

    – Israel: Kfar Yona community center
    – USA: Merage JCC of Orange County, CAFamily Tree 2019

  2. Kol Isha- Women empowerment program: Joint seminar in Poland and Israel, June 26 – July 6, 2019


    – Europe: JCC Krakow, Poland
    – Israel: Ramat HaSharon,
    – USA: Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto, CAKol Isha Israel 2019

  3. Monologue- Teen theater program: Israel delegation to UK, July 5-9, 2019

    – Europe: Redbridge JCC, London, UK
    – Israel: Maale YosefMaale Yosef in London 2019

  4. Phoenix-From Holocaust to Rebirth teen program: Israel delegation to NJ, August 1-7, 2019

    – USA: Bridgewater, NJ
    – Israel: Beit HaKerem, JerusalemPhoenix in Bridgewater 2019

  5. Jewish Lens- Teen Program: Portugal delegation to Israel, August 20-28, 2019

    – Europe: Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
    – Israel: Kfar VradimLisbon visit to Kfar Vradim 2019


Pan American Maccabi Games in Mexico City

15,000 people singing Hatikvah at opening night event was just one of the many highlights of an unprecedented manifestation of Jewish Peoplehood this past July.

Mazal Tov to CDI Mexico and their partners: Maccabi World Union and CLAM for hosting this past July the largest Pan American Maccabi Games. During 10 magical days, thousands of Jews from all over the Latin American continent and the world gathered in Mexico City to play sports and “play Jewish.” In addition to high level sports events in a variety of fields, the community hosted tours and bonding experiences, a Shabbat evening program and added layers of meaning and engagement.  To learn more about this unique event click here.  here: Pan American Maccabi Games. see a summary video, please click here. A month later, in August, the European Maccabi Games took place in Budapest, Hungary with thousands of Jewish athletes from all over Europe and the world. To watch their best videos, click here.

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Tabula Rasa (in Latin: Clean Slate) in Tel Aviv 

100 artists took over a Community Center, about to be demolished, in the South of Tel Aviv in an effort to bid farewell in a creative and reflective way to a long-standing institution that served the community for several decades. The good news- a new Community Center will be built in its place.

The multi-disciplinary art event, that took place during a weekend in August, brought together local artists, community members and communal workers to grapple with issues that pertain to the individual and the community. How to develop a commitment between community members and art institutions? How to develop a commitment between the artists and their audience? Who are the community members that participates in the circles of creativity? To whom does the exhibit/artistic event belong to? How does the location affect the creation of art? How to create manifestations of expression and memory via art? How can art create a local social identity?

These questions and others led the leaders of the Ramat Israel/Betzaron Community Center in the south-east of Tel Aviv to develop an event to mark the demolition of the community center and at the same time, set the stage to the creation of a new one. The communal leaders realized that art can tell a story, art can revive and rejuvenate, art and can create a sense of togetherness through the local neighbourhoods. They felt it can bridge the gap that often divides Israeli art from a specific Israeli location. They invited artists from all artistic disciplines: visual arts, music, craft, theatre, dance, film, poetry and more to look at the theme of belonging, to express their connection to a specific locality.

The event helped position the Community Center as a cultural arts institution at the heart of the community. An institution that open doors to all community members and open doors for many forms of creativity, both amateur and professional. The organizers and the artists felt that in Israel there is often a schism between local culture and “high” culture. A conflict between art and society, between art and community. Tabula Rasa, therefore, sought to break down these barriers by brining the community close to art and the art close to the community. Hundreds of community members and visitors became active participants during a weekend long festival of exhibits, shows and many types of installations and performances. You can click here for a short snap shot video.

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