Sivan Yechieli, the Mayor of Kfar Vradim, Kfar Vradim Community Center, Israel

SIvan Yechieli

Sivan Yechieli 52, married and a father of two.
Served as a reconnaissance officer in the IDF.
Sivan gained a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Haifa University and a Masters Degree in Law from Bar Ilan University. He is also a graduate of Stef Wertheimer’s College of Entrepreneurship.
Following his military service, Sivan worked as a software developer. In the year 2000, he was appointed Vice President of software development and Chief Technol-ogy Officer at Toptix. In 2002 he became the Vice President of Software Develop-ment at OTI.
Sivan was elected Mayor of Kfar Veradim in November 2008. During his tenure, his emphasis has been on the development of Kfar Veradim, the Western Galilee and the Galilee region of northern Israel. He is currently leading a major project in the expansion of Kfar Veradim 3.0 – the development of over 2000 housing units and a new hi-tech industrial park. As Mayor, Sivan has also focused on the community’s education system and constructed two new schools – the ‘Amirim’ High School and the ‘Tefen’ Regional School.
Kfar Veradim was awarded the National Education Prize for 2015. Among the rea-sons for this prestigious Award, as cited by the Committee was – “for the successful accommodation and integration of children with special needs”.
Sivan is currently serving as Chairman of the Forum for the Northern Confrontation Line – a regional leadership umbrella of municipalities and regional councils. A key role of this Forum is the efficient security co-ordination and preparation of the re-gion’s communities for potential hostilities emanating along the Lebanon border.