Supporting the South


Last Friday, the Ginot Ha’ir Community Center in Jerusalem hosted a business fair where 11 businesses from the south of Israel (Ashdod, Ashkelon, Sde Negev and others) were able to present and sell their goods. The community center decided to reach out to the residents of the south, invite them to Jerusalem to demonstrate their support. The atmosphere was terrific. People were happy to sell and happy to buy.

We see this as an example of social activism of people who care, who want to belong and contribute in times of need, and we are happy to have found a communal way to do so.

Of course, there are many other beautiful, informal communal initiatives which go unreported – purchasing toys for children staying in bomb shelters, buying books from stores in the south, hosting families from the south in Jerusalem, and more.

These are acts of communal solidarity, of contribution to the residents of both Jerusalem and the south, of strengthening the bonds between people. This is a way to act on behalf of Jewish Peoplehood.

Idit Rubin, Board Member, Ginot Ha’ir Community Center, Jerusalem



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