The 11 day Seminar in Israel and Budapest explores these questions:

  • Is there really a Jewish people? Given our differences in culture, religious expression and countries of residence – how can we claim to be one?  What is the meaning of this “oneness”?
  • What is the role of Israel in the life of the Jewish people? Is Israel a uniting or dividing force in Jewish life?
  • How can a Jewish state be democratic? How does the Jewish state relate to non-Jewish citizens?
  • How did the experience of immigration shape our identities and worldviews? Can we imagine a world without the “wandering Jew”? How do Jews fare in the global village?
  • What is the nature of the European Jewish experience of today? Do we have a common ground?
  • What is our shared responsibility as Jews and as Jewish leaders?  How do we implement it?
  • What are the boundaries of Judaism? Is pluralism a way of thinking that allows everything to be considered legitimately Jewish? Who determines what’s truly Jewish?

 How are we going to answer these questions?

  • By visiting Israel and Budapest with a focus on sites that reflect these questions
  • By dedicating time for developing individual projects based on PresenTense curriculum
  • By meeting with scholars and social activists
  • By sharing our diverse experiences in a group setting


Drawn from a community’s skilled professionals, mentors support fellows through mentorship: a relationship where the mentor provides counsel in an area of expertise, support through potential networking opportunities, and an example as a role model.

The mentors in the JCC Global Global Fellows program are senior leaders who will help create an engine of innovation and guide the entrepreneurs in finding ways of how to grow their world-changing ideas into concrete projects.

The core goals of mentorship include:

  • Building: Facilitation of the exploration of an area of mutual interest, with the mentor imparting knowledge, tools, and resources that will aid in the mentee’s learning and development.
  • Problem-solving: Delving into pressing questions that may be challenges facing the mentor of mentee in their work.
  • Network-building: The mentor assists the mentee in networking, both in his or her area of expertise and beyond. Meanwhile, by forging connections between mentors and mentees, each party’s network is strengthened.