Welcome to “Amitim-Fellows – A Global Leadership Network”

A three year program that builds a strong network of global Jewish leaders among 25 JCCs worldwide: in the Former Soviet Union, Europe, Israel, Latin America and North America.

The Amitim-Fellows are the change agents that have developed the capacity to engage their institutions in new, meaningful, innovative and long lasting global partnerships, reaching their members and enlarging the scope of Jewish Peoplehood in their JCCs and communities.

Measures of Success:

  • Executive Directors and Lay Leaders of participating JCCs will embrace the Jewish Peoplehood agenda and serve as agents of change in their institutions.
  • A grand total of at least 5000 worldwide Jews will be engaged in meaningful worldwide partnership programs.
  • A worldwide network of Jewish leaders will communicate on a regular basis,share best practices, discuss issues pertaining to the Jewish world and will support worldwide Jewish partnerships.
  • Evaluation research will demonstrate the impact and added value of the three year program on all target populations.