Amitim-Fellows Second Evaluation Report, April 2016

As part of an ongoing effort to analyze and evaluate the work of JCC Global, Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz from ReST has published the third evaluation report of Amitim-Fellows – A Global Leadership Network program.

“The impact of our Amitim-Fellows project is occurring on many levels, including staff, membership and lay leadership. The connections made with other JCCs reaffirmed the purpose of our local JCC as well as the JCC movement.”
In this report, Dr. Kopelowitz and his team recommend that: “JCC Global develop “a ladder of global JCC involvement,” which might consist of five steps:
  1. Step One: Unaware – JCCs who are unaware of the benefits of participating in a global JCC network
  2. Step Two: Curious – JCCs whose leadership’s curiosity is piqued and want to learn more
  3. Step Three: Learning – JCCs who are actively pursuing a global agenda
  4. Step Four: Engaged – JCCs who are engaged with Peoplehood programming, including nurturing a connection between their JCC and other JCCs worldwide
  5. Step Five: Leading – JCCs who put Jewish Peoplehood agenda in their mission and engage with Jewish Peoplehood programming. These JCCs are active and visible in the JCC Global Network. They advance the JCC Global network and promote Jewish Peoplehood global agenda by sharing knowledge, experience, programing and best practices.

We welcome you to read the report and encourage you to send us your comments and observations. This report, along with numerous discussions and consultations, will help JCC Global’s future planning.

Post Budapest Evaluation Report, August 2014

“I think that the ability to connect Jewish people globally is, for many, an extremely meaningful Jewish identity builder and community engagement resource.” From the evaluation report of our Amitim-Fellows Budapest Conference by Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz from ReST. For the complete report click here.