Partner Communities

Redbridge JCC, London, UK | JCCs of Greater Toronto, Canada | Hevel Eilot Community Center, Israel

About the Project

Global Arts Project gives participants an opportunity to tell their Jewish journey through the arts. Each participant is asked to produce a piece of art that reflects something “Jewishly” meaningful to them and then to tell the story of their artwork. The artwork is subsequently uploaded to a virtual gallery that is accessible to the three communities participating in the project. A joint exhibition of artwork from all three communities was presented this October in the Hevel Eilot Art Gallery. This exhibition will be showcased at each partner JCC and the story of different community members told. Each member of the three JCCs has a great story, and collectively the members represent an incredible cultural mosaic. We are attempting through the arts to enhance and strengthen the local and global Jewish community and to give it an exciting new cultural outlet.


$75,000 for 3 years, plus in-kind

Midterm Achievements

  1. The program was launched in each of the three partner communities.
  2. A website was built to feature all artwork and stories.
  3. Collaboration has taken place between the three JCCs in Toronto to develop the project.
  4. A staff seminar was held for all three communities to develop the project and plan the first joint exhibition.
  5. Cross-generational collaborations have taken place in the Hevel Eilot community: for example, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah-aged young people created art relating to their grandparents’ wedding, teenagers interviewed seniors about a significant Jewish artifact in their lives.


A non-Jewish member of staff in a Toronto JCC was present at the in-service overview of the project and decided to participate. Her artwork depicted a challah and candles, and she described her participation in the weekly staff Shabbat experience. She explained how grounding and meaningful she found the activity which provided her with a greater connection and understanding of the JCC’s mission.