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Khmelnitsky Welfare Fund “Hesed Besht,” Khmelnitsky, Ukraine | Centre Culturel et Communautaire Jérôme Cahen (CCJC), Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France | Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY, USA | Beit Hakerem Community Center, Jerusalem, Israel

About the Project

Over the past year, we have suffered quite a few unexpected challenges in getting our project off the ground, ranging from global unrest to staff turnover. Despite this difficult start, the participating teenagers from New York, Paris, and Khmelnitsky are all motivated to connect and build relationships through our Jewish Peoplehood curriculum. We are looking forward to our first seminar together in Israel in December 2015, with a second in Paris in the summer of 2016.


$75,000 for three years, plus in-kind


  1. We have maintained connection despite unexpected global challenges.
  2. Successful seminar is scheduled took place in December 2015 with all three communities.
  3. The teenage participants are motivated to connect with each other despite program delays and challenges.

Thanks to the determination of the Sid Jacobson JCC, the Aliance project was able to persevere to the end despite the challenges of major world events that affected the participating communities. The war in Ukraine, the war in Israel, and terror attacks in Paris, all slowed down the pace of the development of the project. However, the communication of the participants was strengthened, they felt they were part of the global Jewish community and weren’t alone on their side of the world. Which was the most important outcome of the project.


Black David photo“The JCC Global Amitim joint project is a phenomenal project for our JCC and it’s going to have an even bigger impact in the future. The project had a fundamental impact on me personally; I began to see the JCC as a center of Jewish Peoplehood. Even when looking at our own Jewish community, there are different Jews. We began reaching out to the Persian and Israeli communities. There are a lot of things that we already do regarding Jewish values, culture, food, films and more. This project helped us connect the dots.” [David Black, Executive Director, Sid Jacobson JCC, New York, USA]

Nagnibeda Slava“Walking back to our hotel, during our recent seminar in New York, we noticed the teens speaking among themselves about Shabbat. They discussed various ways to celebrate Shabbat, the differences between their homes and traditions. We realized that the project has achieved more than we had hoped for, as the teens not only got to know their partner Jewish communities, but also started a learning process recognizing the variety of Jewish People around the world” [Slava Nagnybida, Khmelnytsky welfare fund “Hesed Besht”, Ukraine]

Buslik Debra Adler photo“We had to go globally in order to find out what’s in our back yard and to find the local value of bringing Jewish Peoplehood to our JCC” [Debbi Buslik, Past President, Sid Jacobson JCC, New York, USA]


“I am truly very happy and grateful to have been a part of this wonderful and amazing program. The opportunity I was given was a once in a lifetime chance to meet amazing teens from around the world. I have learned so much about Jewish communities in places like France, Ukraine, New York, and even Argentina! I will always remember all of the amazing people that I met and hopefully I will be able to see them again in the next JCC program meetup.” [Roni Shachar, Beit Hakerem Community Center, Jerusalem, Israel]

“This program was really meaningful for all of us. I met a lot of people I really love them. I opened my mind and I feel so good about what I experienced. I saw different ways to practice my religion and I learned a lot from that. My host family was the best- they were amazing people, and thanks to them, I felt at home more than ever. I have visited Israel before, but never like this, with people from four different countries. I had one of the best weeks in my life and I fell in love with this country. I shared my Jewish values and my peers did the same. I hope other people will have similar experiences to this too in the future.” [Esther Dahan, Neuilly Sur Seine JCC, Paris, France]

“I’ve learned so much about myself both as a Jewish member of my community and a person. I was able to see Israel from the eyes of teens from different countries as well as from the point of view of Israeli teens. This opportunity allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with amazing people.” [Tami Gitlin, Sid Jacobson JCC, New York]

We are inspired by our participants’ desires to connect with Jewish teenagers on a global scale. They are motivated by the opportunity to meet in person and learn together in Israel, and they are looking forward to having a deeper connection to Jewish Peoplehood.” [Becca Firestone, director of teen services, Sid Jacobson JCC, NY.]