About The Global Jewish Connections Fellowship

Global Jewish Connections program was implemented in the years 2011-2013.

The goal was to create a global community of jCC leaders who discuss new ideas, build networks with like-minded individuals, learn from one another, and launch start-up ventures that lead to new pathways for Jewish engagement and community building.


JCC Global Partnerships worldwide Global Jewish Fellows:

New York

  • Staten Island JCC
  • The JCC in Manhattan
  • 92nd st. Y JCC
  • Sephardic JCC


  • French Hill, Jerusalem
  • Ramat Hasharon Community Centers
  • Gilo, Jerusalem
  • East Talpiot

Other countries

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Odessa, Ukraine
  • St. Petersburg, Russia

Our partners: PresenTense

The PresenTense Group engages and inspires the most creative minds of our generation, investing in their ideas and energy to revitalize the Jewish community. PresenTense enables young Jews to have global conversations about new ideas and envision a better future. And when they’re eager to act upon these ideas, we educate and equip them for success.
We do this in the following ways:

Fellowships operating in Jerusalem, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington DC, Moscow, and Tel Aviv train early-stage entrepreneurs to launch low-cost, high-impact ventures, designed to impact the Jewish community.

PresenTense-ignited projects have been featured in Bill Clinton’s Giving, adopted by Joshua Ventures, and supported by federations, foundations, and investors around the world. Entrepreneurs leave PresenTense poised to actualize their business plans with a broad network of resources and support.

PTSchool seminars offer a menu of training sessions to fit the needs of any communal organization. As of 2011, over 700 organizational professionals have participated in PTSchool training seminars.

PresenTense partners with foundations and organizations, introducing them to a community of doers destined to lead us into the future. Consider PresenTense a natural laboratory for research and development!