The Steering Committee consists of socially-minded volunteers who contribute their talents, experience, and passion for social change to determine the vision and execute the mission of the Fellowship.

New York

  • Vicki Roitman, Assistant Executive Director, Staten Island JCC
  • Joel Block, Executive Director, Suffolk Y JCC
  • Mark Ramer, Board Member, the JCC of the Greater Five Towns
  • Dava Schub, Assitant Director, JCC in Manhattan
  • Marty Maskowitz, Director of Jewish Life,  92st. Y
  • Rina Shkolnik, Executive Direcor, JCC of the Greater Five Towns


  • Yochanan Bechler, Executive Director, French Hill, Jerusalem
  • Gilad Wittenberg, Executive Director, East Talpiot, Jerusalem
  • Nitzan Aviv, Executive Director, Migvanim, Ramat Hasharon Community Centers
  • Lea Balas, Supervisor of Executive Directors, Jerusalem Region, Israel
  • Yaffa Shitrit, Executive Director, Gilo, Jerusalem

Europe, FSU, Latin America

  • Asaf Kaniel, Director of Jewish Education and Community Centers, FSU Department, JDC- representing FSU fellows
  • Steve Lantos, Board Member, Lamroth Hakol,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Julia Dandalova, Executive Director, JDC, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Helen Plaschinsky, Board Member, CDI , Mexico City, Mexico