JCC Global is inviting organizations to connect

with JCCs around the world via its new initiative

Amitim 2.0–Fellows – A Global Leadership Network’

Amitim 2.0–Fellows – A Global Leadership Network” is a three year program that will bring Jewish Peoplehood concepts and programs to more than 40 JCCs worldwide. It will build upon the achievements of Amitim-Fellows – A Global Leadership Network, whereby 25 JCCs in 11 countries implemented 7 global projects and reached more than 5,000 members.

JCC Global is inviting organizations to offer existing programs that focus on Jewish Peoplehood education. The selected programs will be tailored to the needs and realities of JCCs, all over the world, and the precepts of JCC Global.

JCC Global will recruit JCCs from around the world and bring their senior leadership for a conference where these selected programs will be featured. Organizations will be able to connect with the senior leadership of these JCCs and develop avenues for further implementation.

Thus, the global Jewish network will be expanded horizontally, by reaching more Jews in many Jewish communities, and vertically, by adding more content and operative programs so that Jewish Peoplehood is integrated into the lives of JCCs and JCC members in creative, meaningful and effective ways.

JCC Global is well positioned to effectively recruit, train and supervise the global network of JCCs through 10 partner agencies and more than 1000 member JCCs. JCCs see JCC Global as their resource and “one-stop-shop” for Jewish Peoplehood education.

Goals of program:

  1. The global JCC network will expand and Jewish Peoplehood concepts and programs will be brought to local JCCs.
  2. JCC leaders will acquire a global Jewish perspective and nurture their sense of responsibility for the Jewish People.
  3. Jewish Peoplehood programs accepted for Amitim 2.0, will be presented as replicable models for implementation.
  4. 40 JCCs, with an estimated number of 10,000 individuals, will be reached and engaged by the selected programs.
  5. Success will be measured by benchmarks and external evaluation.

We are looking for programs that:

    1. Promote Jewish Peoplehood and connect Jews and Jewish communities around the world.

    2. Have a strong global component in addition to a local one.

    3. Utilize technological tools for communication, with a preference to programs that also offer face to face encounters.

    4. Connect Jews and Jewish communities from at least two countries with the possibility of adding additional countries. We are specifically looking for programs that can connect Jews beyond North America and Israel.

    5. Offer a detailed curriculum/written activities on Jewish Peoplehood and are ready to adapt and translate (in full or in part) to other languages (English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French)

    6. Last at least 3 months (semester) with a preference to longer programs.

    7. Will develop a manual for implementation and work with JCC Global on adapting it to the world of JCCs and to the different regions around the world.

    8. Will be able to train (either in person or via webinars) JCC staff members that are going to implement the program.

    9. Together with JCC Global, can offer periodic consultations sessions (4 times a year) and ongoing support to JCCs.

    10. Will designate a staff person to work with JCC Global and with the participating JCCs. This person will be available for online communication and ongoing phone calls, in addition to periodic calls/webinars with JCC Global and participating JCCs. A short quarterly report on program progress will be written and submitted to JCC Global.

    11. Will send a staff person to attend the Amitim 2.0-Fellows Conference in New York area, November 5-9, 2017. At that conference, the program will be presented to participating JCCs.

    12. Will send a staff person to attend The Second Conference of Amitim 2.0, which will take place in Israel, November 17-19, 2019, in conjunction with the 10th World Conference of JCC Global which will take place in Israel, November 19-21, 2019.

    13. Will add JCC Global as a co-partner in all materials and PR developed for the program.

    14. Will complete three on-line evaluation surveys.

    Organizations will complete an application form and submit it with all relevant materials to Noa Tal, JCC Global Program Director: noa@jccglobal.org.

    JCC Global will provide each organization with the following:

      1. Provide the opportunity to present and offer the program to the JCCs in ‘Amitim-Fellows 2.0 – A Global Leadership Network during the 2017 conference (New York, November 5-9) and 2019 conferences (Israel, November 17-21.)

      2. Publicizing the program to the global community of JCCs in various forms such as a feature in JCC Global’s manual, featuring the program on JCC Global’s website as a recommended Jewish Peoplehood program and more.

      3. JCC Global will offer periodic consultations sessions (4 times a year) and ongoing support to programs that will work with JCCs.

      4. JCC Global will actively recruit JCCs to join the program. While JCC Global will not be able to guarantee JCCs joining the program offered by the organization, it will work hand in hand with the selected organizations to bring these programs to the forefront in as many JCCs as possible.

    World Conference

      World Conference, November 5-9, 2017

      Organizations are invited to send representatives to the conference.

      Dates: Wednesday, November 8 from 9 a.m. in the morning until Thursday, November 9 at 12:30 p.m.

      Location: DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, TarryTown, Weschester, New York.

      Cost: Hotel : $181 per room per night (half price if sharing.)

      Meals and program: $300 per person (the conference is subsidized)

      Transportation/flights to/from the conference to be arranged and paid on own

      Organizations who would like to offer Jewish Peoplehood initiatives and/or programs and do not meet all the criteria mentioned above, can also be part of this program by submitting an application form in order to be included in:

      • A feature in JCC Global’s manual advertising the program to the global community of JCCs.
      • Featuring the program on JCC Global’s website as a recommended Jewish Peoplehood program.
      • Invitation to meet in person the JCCs that will attend 2 global conferences (2017 and 2019)