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Jewish Peoplehood –Klal Israel– is an ancient concept. It connects Jews historically to past and future generations; geographically, ethnically, religiously and culturally to other Jews in the community and to Jews in other countries.

For almost 40 years, JCC Global has connected more than 1000 Jewish Community Centers worldwide. Building on the uniqueness of each JCC and Jewish community, JCC Global creates relationships that inspire Jews and strengthens Jewish communities the world over.

We believe that bringing Jewish Peoplehood to your JCC can be of value.

While Jewish partnerships do develop within Jewish communities, we invite you to foster connections with Jewish communities around the world. We believe that building bridges between JCCs will help strengthen Jewish identity, belonging to the Jewish community and to the Jewish world.

By sharing ideas and resources, and by collaborating and partnering, you will be able to joins hands around the world, bring Jewish Peoplehood to your JCC and strengthen the Jewish People.

  • Jewish Peoplehood in your JCC mission statement
    To strengthen the connection of your JCC to the Jewish World and Jewish People, Jewish Peoplehood should be an explicit part of the JCCs mission statement.
  • Incorporate Jewish Peoplehood in your JCCs website
    • Add a world map on your JCCs website, marking the location of your JCC and your partner community.
    • Add the flag of the country of your partner community.
    • Add a photo gallery featuring encounters and joint activities with your partner community.
  • Ambiance
    There’s no need to tell a JCC director how much influence a JCC design and ambience have on the message sent to both staff and members. By incorporating Jewish Peoplehood into the design of the JCC, a strong message of connection could be conveyed.
  • Hang the JCC Global World Map of JCCs at the entrance to your JCC, marking the location of your JCC and your JCCs partner communities.
  • Once a week/month, play music from a Jewish community from another part of the world.
  • If you have a partner community – dedicate a wall at the JCC for that community, publicizing news, photos, articles and more from that JCC, their members and the joint program/project.

Programmatic ideas

  • Celebrate days that are important for your respected partner
    Celebrate days that are important for your respected partner JCC, such as: Independence Day, Days related to the Jewish community, and more.
    For example, if you’re having a fair at your JCC on Israel’s Independence Day, hosting stands of merchandise and representatives from Israel, add a stand (one or more) representing Jewish Community from a third country in the world. It could feature food from the community, crafts from the region and other ideas.
  • Holiday greetings
    Exchange holiday greetings with your partner community. This could be an exchange of staff greetings and/or members of all ages.
  • Exchange of art exhibition
    If you have art exhibitions as part of your Arts and Culture Department, contact a JCC from around the world and offer them to do art exhibition exchange, to feature their exhibition in your local JCC and then exhibit your JCCs art at their JCCs. The execution of such exchange isn’t always possible because of the nature of the produced art; therefor the exchange could be of photo of the art with the arts story. Adding a booklet featuring the art and the story of artists could be a great plus
  • Staff exchange
    This is a great opportunity to get to know another Jewish Community from around the world and strengthen your ties. The exchange could be between

    • Staff members from the same department – your JCC staff going to your partner community for a week of learning and your JCC hosting your partner community staff.
    • Create a professional staff group from both communities which will convene for a monthly video call to learn from each other’s work.
    • Teens from partner community coming to be counselors at your summer camp.
    • Exchange of sports groups.
  • Board Trip
    Planning a board trip to your partner community together with your partner JCC board members. The trip could be to both JCCs and additional JCCs in the area
  • Inviting a band from another JCC
    Have a community event and planning on inviting a band or a show? Invite a band or a show from a JCC from around the world.

    • Dedicate a day at camp to the other J communities
    • Celebrate their day of Independence
    • Once a year, highlight during board meeting
    • Once a year, highlight during staff meeting
    • Physical presence
    • Holiday greetings
    • Early childhood- Shabbat bear
    • Visits of community members