Amitim 2.0–Fellows – A Global Leadership Network” is a three year program that will bring Jewish Peoplehood concepts and programs to 75 JCCs worldwide. It will build upon the achievements of Amitim-Fellows – A Global Leadership Network, whereby 25 JCCs in 11 countries implemented 7 global projects and reached more than 5,000 members.

We are looking to recruit 50 additional JCCs worldwide (15 from North America, including 6 from NY, 15 from Israel, 6 from FSU, 6 from Europe, 6 from Latin America, 2 from Far East and Australia.) All 25 Amitim-Fellows JCCs who are already participating in Amitim 1.0 are invited to continue and join Amitim 2.0.

  1. JCC Global will expand the global JCC network and bring Jewish Peoplehood concepts and programs to the next cohort of JCCs.
  2. JCC leaders will acquire a global Jewish perspective, become leaders who gain knowledge and understanding of the lives of Jews in other communities and nurture their sense of responsibility for the Jewish People.
  3. JCC Global will offer as models, several existing Jewish Peoplehood programs in addition to Amitim replicable projects. These programs will be presented to JCCs as existing models of global partnerships for future implementation.
  4. The Jewish Peoplehood programs will be implemented in additional 50 JCCs Together with the existing 25 Amitim JCCs, the global network will reach a total of 75 JCCs, with a total number of individuals reached and engaged-from core to periphery- at more than 15,000 people.
  5. Success will be measured upon specific benchmarks set by JCC Global which will then be adapted for each JCC.
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