JCC Global worldwide delegation to the JCC Association Biennial Conference in Baltimore, May 15-18, 2016
JCC Global Post-Biennial Seminar to the Jewish Community and JCC of Greater Washington, May 18-22, 2016

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JCC leaders from Argentina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Spain and Ukraine attended the JCC Association Biennial Conference as part of the JCC Global overseas delegation. Known to be the largest gathering of JCCs in North America, the conference allowed visiting leaders to learn best practices from leading JCCs and at the same time Biennial delegates to be able to open a window to Jewish life in overseas communities.

Following the conference, some of the delegates participated in a study seminar to the Jewish Community and JCC of Greater Washington. Michael Feinstein, CEO and JCC Global Amitim-Fellow designed a program filled with learning and networking opportunities that allowed delegates to get to know in depth one of the leading Jewish communities in North America.

“As I reflect on this visit, I am most struck by the notion that in many ways our Jewish communities are more the same than different. There is clearly a difference in scale (people and resources) and scope (breadth of services) in what these JCCs from different countries do. But it is not a difference in kind, and the challenges of engaging Jews in our respective communities is similar. On a personal level, these Jewish leaders (most under 40 years old) shared the same values and commitment to Jewish community and continuity as our leaders. If ever there was a “Klal Yisrael” (one people) moment, this visit provided it.” Read more

Click here to meet the delegates | JCC Global track program at the Biennial | JCC of Greater Washington study seminar program


Study seminar to the Jewish communities of the Balkan States: Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece, from October 30th to November 7th, 2013.

For an overview of the seminar’s program, click here.

“Thank you so much for your visit. It really touched our hearts. Your warm feelings made us understand that we are not alone in this world. Let’s promise, that this was your first visit to Greece of many others to come. Let’s promise that we will be in touch and get inspired from each other. Let’s promise that we will go on against all odds .You must know, we feel much stronger after your visit to our small community.”
I would therefore like to claim that continuing the flame of Jewish life in Greece, is a modern day miracle of Hanukkah…. Read more here.


Study visits to Milwaukee and Russia and Ukraine

2012 study seminar group photo 1

“You are going where?” was the question asked time and again when I said I was leading a delegation from five countries to the JCC of Milwaukee” – read more about the hidden Jewish gem in the Midwest.

“Twenty years ago, the founders of the JCCs in the Former Soviet Union were wondering what does being a Jew means and what are the ways of transmitting knowledge, values and a sense of belonging. Twenty years later, we attended a JDC conference for 200 Jewish Educators from all across the Former Soviet Union. “

Read more here.


Study Seminar to Latin America

“I am writing from the airport in Caracas Venezuela after an incredible 24 hours visiting with the Jewish community leadership.”

Impressions from the seminar by Allan Finkelstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, JCCA.


Study Seminar to France

“All rights to Jews as citizens, no rights to Judaism as a nation” was the basic modus vivendi of French Jewry from the time of the French revolution.” Smadar Bar-Akiva tries to answer the question: “Are French Jews challenging their contract with Napoleon?”

in this article


Study visits to Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, December 2008.

2008 study seminar group photo

“It was the middle of December; the temperatures were low and sometimes quite freezing. We did not see the sun very often and most cities were grey and not very attractive, but once we stepped into the Jewish Community Centers in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, we were wrapped with warmth, caring and a rich Jewish life.”

Read the seminar’s report


March WCJCC Study Seminar to Buenos Aires and Mexico.

For seminar program in Mexico City click here and for seminar program in Buenos Aires here.

2007 Delegation with CDI Mexico Hosts

Click here to read the Mexico seminar summary, including program and list of participants, and here for the Buenos Aires summary.


June 9-14, study visit to the Baltic States: Riga and Vilnius, chaired by WCJCC board member Andrea Solow.

June 20-29, study visits to France, hosted by FSJU, and to the Ukraine, hosted by JDC, chaired by WCJCC President, Jerry Makowsky.



In June 2005 a study visit to Germany took place under the auspices of ZWST and the warm hospitality of Benny Bloch, ZWST lay leaders and staff.



In October 2003 a study visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina under the auspices of CLAM and FACCMA took place.