Yesod, St. Petersburg, Russia



The Yesod Jewish Cultural Center is a large cultural square, where all kinds of informative and entertaining events are held regularly for people of all ages and in diverse formats.

On Yesod ’s stage, you can see plays by Russian and international companies, and listen to the concerts of famous musical groups from different countries. In the warm, low-key atmosphere of our evening events, you can meet interesting people who work in different spheres of culture and the arts. Additionally, exhibits of Jewish artists from around the world, musical, dance and artistic festivals, academic conferences, seminars, and much more, take place at Yesod.

Yesod ’s doors are open to all would like to become more closely acquainted with Jewish culture.

The Hebrew calendar is full of holidays, and we invite everyone, young or old, to join us in celebration.  Having fun is always great with close friends. We ensure that everyone finds something they enjoy to do. Our holidays come in all different forms: creative master classes, theater performances, captivating quests, entertaining games, and delicious food and drinks.

Regular educational activities at Yesod’s library include: Hebrew courses, klezmer musical master classes, meetings with interesting cultural figures and professionals from various spheres of academia and the arts as well as leadership programs for teenagers and young adults.

For children, teens and families Yesod organizes various camps during the year. Overnight and day camps on autumn, winter, spring and summer school holidays as well as family shabbatons and summer camps.

Children’s studios and circles is a system of secondary education for pre-school aged and early school aged children.  Children’s studios offer professional educators and original methods, a friendly and warm atmosphere, and a respectful and attentive attitude towards children and parents.

Twice a month on Sundays Yesod hosts engaging children’s interactive plays from the best city theatres!

Jewish Federation partnership with Cleveleand, USA, and the Valley of Springs Regional council, Israel. 


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